2019 Grand Sponsors info
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Please contact pgfcoreteam@gmail.com for sponsorship opportunities....

!!Ganapati Bappa Moraya!!

Namaskar Friends, Community Leaders and Volunteers,
Ganesh Festival 2019 Planning has already started and your volunteer & donation help will insure a strong foundation for its success this year as well.

Save the Date & Invite
Cordially inviting you, your family and friends for attending the Kick-Off and Volunteer Sign-off meeting and gathering on Sunday, March 24, 2019 at 6:00pm at Bharatiya Temple. Light dinner will be served.

Please forward this invite to members of all participating associations including Bharatiya Vidyalaya, Plymouth Balvihar, Youth groups and to any one who has expressed his/her interest in the past offering volunteer service for Lord Ganesha.

Why attend Kick-off meeting?
** This is a good opportunity for Serving Ganesha thru Service to Ganesha's Devotees
** Meet volunteers from different organizations and work together for our community

All-Women Core Team this year !
We are delighted to have first time in PGF, All-Women Leadership team led by Mrs. Neeta Sharma, Mrs. Gautami Joglekar, Mrs. Harshada Pendharkar and Dr. Neelima Kute. Let's work under the leadership of these outstanding volunteers and demonstrate our hearty support for women's empowerment.

Willingness to give opportunity to new leaders and working under their leadership means a lot for our festival. New leaders bring fresh ideas and immense energy to the festival. We are blessed with so many new volunteers joining every year. Past festival leaders often mentor the new volunteers so have no anxiety. Please step forward and sign-up for various volunteer assignments on our website:   http://www.PhiladelphiaGaneshFestival.Org

Festival thanks Shri. Sachin Prabhudesai and Shri. Ravi Indrakanti for there all-inspiring leadership & sewa to Lord Ganesha during past 2-3 years.

2019 Festival Dates (11 days)
Monday, September 2 - 1st Day
Thursday, September 12 - Last Day
IndiaFest/Mudra Outdoor Festivities: September 7 (Saturday) & September 8 (Sunday)
Advertisements sending deadline: June 1, 2019

Looking forward to meeting you in person on March 24th @ 6 pm.
May Lord Ganesha bless our community...Ganapati Bappa Moraya !!

Mukund Kute and Vipul Rathod
For Philadelphia Ganesh Festival @ Bharatiya Temple

2019 Wargani Letter (Coming soon...)
Press Release
Mudra Dance Festival Guidelines